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Baby Signing Time(taught bilingually in Japanese/English)
Hana House is the first place in Japan to offer Signing Time Academy classes which are based on the award-winning Signing Time series which teaches ASL (American Sign Language) vocabulary to children. The Baby Signing Time “Sign and Play” classes 「英語でベイビーサイニング!」 are for infants and toddlers along with their care taker. The Basic level includes a trial lesson + 7 regular lessons. The Advanced level, for those who have completed the basic level, includes 8 lessons.
From time to time we also hold a Signing Time playgroup for current and former students as well as others who are interested in using basic sign language to increase communication with their child.

Baby Signing TiME! Class Schedule
Baby Signigng Time(Basic) : Friday 12:40-13:30 /13:50-14:40
More Baby Signing TiME! (Advanced) Friday 11:00-11:50

English-Based Classes
The following classes are mainly conducted in English, with Japanese translation as needed.

Let’s Play in English! 英語で遊ぼう

The class is just as the name says. Through various forms of play English is taught and reinforced.
The class is divided into three levels according to age.

A Class 0-1 yr. old and care giver : Thursday , Friday 10:00~ 11:20~
B Class 2 yr. old and care giver : Wednesday, Thursday 1:00-2:00
C Class 3-5 yr. old Wednesday : Thursday 2:30-3:30

English After School Club 英語で放課後!
Modeled after the Japanese “gakudo” after school club, this is 90 minute lesson offers English immersion for a mixed age group through a variety of activities.

3-6 years old on Tuesday from 4:00-5:30

Art Class in English 英語でアート!
Create various arts and crafts while learnign and using English.

A Class 2.5 - 3 yr. old and care taker: Wednesday 11:20~ Thursday 1:00~2:00pm
B Class 4-6 yr old and care taker: Thursday 2:30~3:30 pm

Rhythms of English 英語でリズム! 
Studying English by focusing on the musicality of the language through rhythms and tunes.
Preschool age children and their care giver : Monday 12:45-1:45, Saturday 9:00~/10:10~/11:20~

Music Classes
/Piano Class
A Class 0-1.5 yr old and care taker: Wednesday 11:20~12:20/Thursday 10:00~11:00
B Class 1.5 - 2 yr old and care taker: Wednesday 10:00~11:00
C Class 0-3 yr old and care taker: Thursday 11:20~12:20

Pre Mama/Papa Class (Maternity class for parents)
* Please e-mail or call for current/next class information.

English map
We offer classes in two locations.
Hana House (House)
Hana House (Brick Classroom)

info@hanahouse.jp 03-6750-8677 (weekdays 10am-5pm)